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We have a very active youth group!!!

During Sunday school they are taught the Word of God that centers on building Christian character etc.

During the week the youth meet on Tuesday evenings and have a short devotional and prayer. Afterward they enjoy fellowship in the Youth Activity Building that includes a kitchen, bathroom and fun games.

Frequently, guests are invited such as Christian athletes who come in and give their Christian testimony to our young people. We have had such men as,

     • George Rogers a Heisman Trophy winner

     • Jo Jo English who excelled in professional basketball

     • Julius Adams who played for the Patriots for sixteen years

During the summer, the teens go on a summer camp trip and they are also busy with activities such as bowling, roller skating etc.

 Once a year a Christian college is invited to come and present

 a program with singers and perhaps a young man preaching

 a challenging sermon to encourage them to dedicate their lives

 to the Lord.    They also talk to our teens about enrolling in

 a  Christian college such as Pensacola Christian College.


 Lykesland First Baptist Church